Entry Level 3D CAD Designer

Is This You?

Are you looking to work at a place where you can see your 3D CAD designs come to fruition in the form of a tangible product? Where you have ideas and input? Or maybe you just love to create and modify 3D drawings based on other people’s ideas. If this sounds like you, you may be a fit for our team.

You are someone who enjoys taking 2D drawings and converting them to 3D working manufacturing drawings utilizing the latest 3D and graphic design software. You’ve ideally spent a year or two at a large company and realize it’s not for you. You are looking to work at a smaller place where you can see your drawings show up as a tangible sample at door. What you do will matter, and you will have influence over product development and design. Maybe you’ve even had some entrepreneurial aspirations in your life- whether as a kid selling lemonade or a new grad thinking about business.

Initially we don’t expect you to come up with ideas. You simply need to enjoy—and be proficient– at 3D CAD design drawing up other people’s ideas. Over time we would encourage you to dream up products of your own and design your ideas. Don’t worry if this sounds intimidating. With enough exposure to our products and customers, the ideas will come. We typically get our best ideas from our customers!

Although we would expect that your first love is designing, you are good with people and can collaborate with team members and vendors if and when necessary. In other words, you don’t just want to hide behind a computer all day.

Summary of Job
  • Develop detailed working drawings in 3D CAD software in both 2D and 3D that have been communicated to you via 2D sketches.
  • Manage multiple design revisions to completion for overseas manufacturing and packaging.
  • Prepare illustrations and line drawings for instruction manuals. Over time, you will be critical in the installation guide creation process.
  • Document control and management.

You are a thorough, accurate, detail-oriented person with multi-tasking capabilities who consistently demonstrates good judgment in setting priorities and problem-solving. You are very self-disciplined and motivated to work in an efficient manner for maximum output. You have a good blend of getting things done yet have a creative streak to come up with product designs over time. This is secondary, however. Initially we need someone to draw up someone else’s product ideas. Over time, you will have acquired the skills to dream up and design products. This will be a natural process as you come to understand what customers are asking for along with visiting our overseas manufacturer in China.

Preferred Software Skill Sets:

Our preferred 3D software is Autodesk Inventor, so experience with this software is ideal. We are open to applicants with experience in competing software such as Solidworks or something similar. 1-3 years’ experience with 3D modelling software is a requirement for this job, either in a school setting or a work setting. If we invite you for an interview, we will be asking you to do a 3D drawing at our facility to ensure that you have working knowledge of the software.

Please note that as all our current drawings are in Autodesk Inventor, the applicant must be willing to learn and use this software.

Education Requirements:

We are looking for an associate degree in mechanical design or related course work in 3D modelling software. Related workplace experience with 3D CAD software would be an acceptable substitute for a degree.