Our Ideal Candidate

We’re not for everyone. We’re a little zany and unconventional. Employees have been known to dress up in costumes at work. We have a 2 o’clock plank (don’t worry, it’s optional). We try to improve our processes all the time, which drives some people crazy. We strive to embrace failure. We don’t have it all figured out. We make mistakes, but try to learn from them.

And most noteworthy of all, we have a crazy busy season that tests the limits every year between the months of April and June. Stress runs high. Systems break. At some point we all wish we worked somewhere else. But we get through it and try to figure out how to make things better for next year.

People Who Thrive at Our Company

Those who are a great culture fit are team players who can jive with us in our high growth and sometimes unpredictable environment.  They go the extra mile for the customer. They take our product seriously, but not themselves too seriously. Our best employees tend to be light-hearted and fun, yet not afraid of hard work.  They enjoy a laugh every now and again and value relationships with each other.  They can handle an open office environment and the slightly zany and whimsical nature of our company.  They understand that we are not a typical corporate outfit.  Self-motivated, they know how to “figure it out”.

People Who Do Not Thrive at Our Company

It’s not all puppies and pansies. We’re a small company and we subscribe to the mantra “hire slow, fire fast”. Statistically more than one out of three new employees don’t last more than three years at Nych Group. We are not for everyone. Our fast growth, somewhat ad hoc approach to training, and “let’s figure this out as we go along” culture are just a few of the things that don’t make us a fit for everyone. Some people thrive on it. Others don’t. Those who don’t are often very good people who need to find something that aligns with how they are wired and gifted.

We’ve Been Saying it A Lot and We’ll Say it Again

If you really want to know whether or not you’ll be a fit for our company, read these two books. We still have a long ways to go to apply these principles in depth to our company, but these books resonate with us and give us something to strive for every day.