The Interview Process

After you submit your application, we will review candidates. Because we understand how involved the application process is, we will get back to you.

If we are interested in pursuing a working relationship, we’ll bring you to our offices for an interview with some key players within our organization. We’ll give you a tour of our facility during this time, so expect to spend at least an hour with us.

Once we narrow our candidates, your potential manager will take you out for lunch with one or two other people you would be closely working with. This will further help us determine a fit.

After that, we are usually able to make a quick decision.

Want an edge in your interview? Read these books and talk about them:

If you start with us and within 2 weeks don’t think it’s going to be a fit, no problem. We’ll part ways amicably and give you a check for $2000 to thank you for having the courage to speak up.